Building Your Ideal Workforce with Modern Apprenticeships

Building Your Ideal Workforce with Modern Apprenticeships

As the U.S. faces a skilled labor crisis, the ability to find, train, and retain your company’s ideal workforce may seem too good to be true. 

It’s not, thanks to modern apprenticeship programs. 

What exactly do such programs offer? Nothing short of the perfect SOLUTION to your workforce needs. 

Structure. Opportunity. Loyalty. Unique. Training. Investment. Outlook. Network. 

Each letter of the word SOLUTION provides an insight into what you can expect from Franklin Apprenticeships and our innovative, proven approach to unlocking access to the talent you need for your business to thrive.


As you hire new employees, you hope that they arrive with all of the skills your organization needs for mutual success. You expect them to hit the ground running. However, that’s rarely the case, which begs the question: what kind of development program are you able to offer your new employees? 

Does it include a structured, customized program that culminates in an industry-recognized credential? What about on-the-job training and technical instruction? Mentors? How will you ensure that they stay current with new sector innovations, cutting edge tools, and technologies? And who will manage this process?


When you need a new team member, you need them now. But the entire process — from the vetting, to the interview, to the offer letter, and to the actual start date — can be lengthy. What if there was a program that already vetted candidates, and could match them to your specific needs? Even better, what if that candidate could begin within two weeks?


Once upon a time, you could count on a new employee to stay with your company for at least a year, but that window is quickly closing. According to this survey, close to one-third of new hires have left a position within 90 days of starting. 

When you add that to the 35% of employees who leave each year to work elsewhere, developing employee loyalty becomes critical, not optional. What if you were able to easily and seamlessly invest in your employees and their future, leading to increased job satisfaction? And what if doing so made it far more likely that such highly-trained individuals planned to stay with your company for a long time?


A 2019 study indicates that over fifty percent of employers feel the current education system isn’t doing enough to prepare graduates for the workforce, specifically citing a lack of professionalism, business acumen, and critical thinking skills. 

Meanwhile, more and more individuals recognize that while a traditional four-year degree often results in crushing financial debt, it doesn’t automatically guarantee employment.

Are you able to attract talent with the hard and soft skills to hit the ground running? What about motivated people who are willing and able to earn while learning on-the-job, uniquely fitted to a new way of approaching lifelong learning and success?


SHRM reports that 83% of respondents had trouble recruiting suitable candidates within the last 12 months, with just over a third citing both a lack of experience and a lack of specific skills as among their top challenges. 

What if you could hire individuals whose learning path is intentionally and strategically shaped by what your company needs? What if, instead of having to identify skills gaps in new hires, along with the resources needed to address them, you could instead find ideal candidates and engage them in a structured process? One that results in a workforce with personalized training and education critical for their success, and yours?


It takes time for your initial investment in a new worker to pay off, especially considering the costly and time-consuming efforts to identify, screen, and train them. How quickly will they get up to speed? Will they choose to stay? 

The Work Institute estimates that the average cost to lose a U.S. worker is $15,000. And that’s a conservative estimate. Is there a way to provide incentives for new employees to learn quickly and well, and to ensure a fast return on investment? 


Attitude can make or break your workplace culture, and increasingly employees seek opportunities for career development as not only a resource, but an indicator of the value and confidence the company places in them. 

And yet for the ninth consecutive year, workers cite lack of career development as a top reason for quitting. How are you investing in the training and future of your workforce? How are you helping them maintain relevant skills and develop new ones? Are they eager to learn, and excited to be a part of your day-to-day operations? Or are they worried and quietly looking for options elsewhere?


Onboarding a new employee is a challenge, one that leads to high turnover and low morale. A recent Gallup poll shares that 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding. That means that 88% do not. 

What if you could access an entire network of exceptional resources — from recruitment to training to coaching — available to help your company with the onboarding journey? What if you were able to confidently rely on a proven network of dedicated professionals to support and nurture your new employee from the day they begin? 

The Solution?

Franklin Apprenticeships. 

We’re here to provide a candid candidate comparison in our latest Infographic, which offers an opportunity to consider the very real differences between an apprentice and a standard new hire, and what each can mean for your organization’s success.

Let us build your workforce so you can focus on building your business. We have the tools, technology, knowledge, and network necessary to build, execute, and manage modern apprenticeship programs that fit your unique business requirements.

With Franklin Apprenticeships, the SOLUTION to unlocking your access to middle-skill talent is only a click away

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