New Podcast Series Announcement: Navigating Your Road Forward as an AutoMOtive! Apprentice

New Podcast Series Announcement: Navigating Your Road Forward as an AutoMOtive! Apprentice

This month, Franklin Apprenticeships will be releasing a new podcast series to help dislocated workers in the State of Missouri learn about the opportunities available as a modern apprentice in the automotive industry.

We understand that downsizing and layoffs were never a part of your plan. And now, as a worker making a mid-career transition, you want to find the right opportunity to excel in a stable position and earn a comfortable living without going into massive debt.

Missouri AutoMOtive! is a partnership between the Missouri Division of Workforce Development and our company that will put you on the fast track to becoming a certified Automotive Service Technician in a year (or less).

But, we realize you may have a lot of questions about this apprenticeship. Is this a good opportunity for me (and my family)? Why the automotive industry? Is this program for real? What can I expect? How do I enroll?

Our new podcast series will explore everything you need to know about life as a Franklin AutoMOtive! apprentice. We will help navigate your questions about our program, the industry, and what to expect. For example, our first few episodes will cover topics such as:

  • Reasons to consider an automotive apprenticeship
  • What a typical day may look like for you earning and learning as an apprentice
  • The process behind being matched with your ideal employer

 Our program might seem too good to be true, but it’s real, and it’s a great opportunity if you’re a dislocated worker in the State.

So keep an eye (and ear) out for our upcoming episodes to jump start your fresh, new career! Or, contact us to shift your search for a brand new career into high gear today.


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