7 Problems Apprenticeships Solve That Traditional Education Doesn’t

7 Problems Apprenticeships Solve That Traditional Education Doesn’t

Re-imagined Programs Create Win-Win Opportunities for Everyone. 

At the recent Celebration of Apprenticeships Conference in London, Franklin Apprenticeships co-founder Tom Bewick chaired a panel discussion about American Apprenticeship expansion. Bewick, a source of knowledge for UK apprenticeship training providers, led a vibrant discussion about the burgeoning commercial opportunities in the United States, where a major apprenticeship expansion effort is currently underway. 

Expert panel discussion focused on the various opportunities for British companies to bring their highly successful apprenticeship programs to the US. These include:

  1. Filling the critical skills gap in high growth industries such as IT, Financial Services and Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Advancing US STEM initiatives with a wider range of non-traditional apprenticeships. Currently in the US, apprenticeships are dominated by military and traditional trades. UK companies can introduce US companies to apprenticeship programs in such industries as creative arts, healthcare, IT, media, professional services, and digital office.
  3. Adding diversity in the apprentice pool and the workforce – Program expansion into non-traditional apprenticeship sectors invites participation by more women and minorities.
  4. Bettering job prestige at the entry level – especially in the high tech and health care industries.
  5. Improving ROI for corporate job training programs.
  6. Creating standards for employees and employers with qualifications and skills assessments.
  7. Adjusting training budgets make apprenticeship programs affordable for smaller companies, and scalable for larger companies.

So what’s missing? Why haven’t more US companies adopted the apprenticeship model? While companies see apprenticeships as a solution, they typically don’t know how to get started. That’s where there is tremendous opportunity to take content from the UK and other international programs and configure it for US companies. Fast tracking programs and streamlining support can help to speed US adoption.

For more insight about apprenticeship programs in the US, please contact Kim Nichols, CEO, Franklin Apprenticeships.

Watch the full panel discussion here: http://www.youtube.com.linkis.com/nJKEH

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