A Candid Candidate Comparison: Who Would You Choose for Your Company?

A Candid Candidate Comparison: Who Would You Choose for Your Company?

The U.S. is facing a skilled labor crisis. Not only are there more job openings than people seeking employment, 75% of those having trouble finding and recruiting competitive candidates cite a lack of skills as a leading issue. 

But what if, instead of sifting through a pile of applications to find the one person who fits some of the requirements listed in the job description, you could instead begin to build your ideal workforce from the ground up?

Additionally, what if you could hire individuals whose learning path is intentionally and strategically shaped by what your company needs? 

And even further…what if there was a program that already vetted candidates, and could match them to your specific needs? And this program offered turn-key tools and resources helping  you to easily and seamlessly invest in your employees and their future, leading to increased job satisfaction?

Modern apprenticeships offer a compelling, innovative, and proven SOLUTION to addressing the skills gap. 

Consider this Infographic comparing Franklin the Apprentice with Hugh the New Hire. We’ll walk you step-by-step through each letter of the word SOLUTION as we consider which candidate has the most to offer your business. 

Structure. Opportunity. Loyalty. Unique. Training. Investment. Outlook. Network. 

These words are more than a simple acronym, they are a promise. They represent all that Franklin Apprenticeships can offer your business, from recruitment to screening to placement to education to training to coaching to tracking to industry-recognized credentialing, generally within a single year. 

More than that, they speak to valuing and investing in your workforce, to building trust and loyalty with employees trained to your unique specifications. 

An opportunity to unlock your ideal workforce may seem too good to be true — but it’s not. With Franklin Apprenticeships, the SOLUTION to unlocking your access to middle-skill talent is only a click away

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