Fear of Hiring: What’s Holding You Back?

Fear of Hiring: What’s Holding You Back?

Does your organization have a fear of hiring? With all the curveballs thrown at us in this year of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that many organizations have been hesitant to step up and fully address their personnel needs. If you’re a hiring manager, diversity officer, CTO or CEO, chances are good that right now something is holding you back from filling those empty seats.

Let’s take a look at the main drivers of fear in the current hiring environment and how an apprenticeship program can answer the challenges:

Hiring remotely: There is no doubt that hiring is more difficult in a remote environment. But we’ve been vetting, interviewing and hiring apprentices remotely since long before the pandemic, and we have a substantial track record of effective, high-percentage hires. More than 90% of new hires complete their apprenticeship program.

Fear of mistakes: Hiring mistakes are expensive, especially if you go the traditional recruiter route. Beyond the success rate noted above, apprentices work at a discounted wage rate while they learn during their first year with you. In short, the odds are far better and the risks are far lower.

Onboarding: In addition to the challenges of hiring remotely, many managers find themselves without adequate time to train new hires. Again, we have you covered. Each apprentice has weekly check-ins with a Personal Success Coach covering not only their technical knowledge but the soft skills that make a great employee. You can rest assured knowing they’re being trained to do things your way, and that nothing will slip through the cracks. And you can track each apprentice’s progress via your own online dashboard.

Talent pool: It’s hard to hit your hiring and diversity targets when you keep fishing for talent in the same pond. An apprenticeship program gives you access to a pool of talent not found via traditional sources: some have decided to forgo the expensive four-year degree, and others are returning to the workforce after military service or raising a family. It’s a much more diverse group of candidates as well, with women represented at a rate one-third higher than industry averages.

So, if fear of any or all of these items has been holding you back from operating at full efficiency, enough.  It’s time to try a different path.

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