Recent CTA Report Helps Tech Companies With Workforce Solutions

Recent CTA Report Helps Tech Companies With Workforce Solutions

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently published a practical guide to help tech companies source talent and fill jobs.  Released in November 2019, Why Tech Companies Should Offer Apprenticeships explains the value of apprenticeship in the tech sector and offers insight into navigating and executing apprenticeship as a talent pipeline strategy. 

The white paper is further evidence of the CTA’s commitment to help create and scale apprenticeships in the US tech sector – the fastest-growing segment of the American economy.   Together with member companies, the CTA has made significant accomplishments growing “new collar” apprenticeships – a term coined by IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty relating to new collar jobs for workers who have technology skills but not a four-year college degree. 

This detailed guide, which follows on the coattails of the CTA’s signing of the White House’s Pledge to America’s Workers earlier this year, answers the need for a deeper understanding from industry leaders about modern apprenticeship – including how to build and/or scale programs. Franklin Apprenticeships, a CTA member and industry intermediary, announced its participation by signing the Pledge in June and is honored to be covered in the paper. 

“We still see a lot of confusion in the market about apprenticeship,” says Kim Nichols, Franklin Apprenticeships Co-Founder and CEO. “The more resources available to explain the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why), the easier it will be for CTA apprenticeship leaders to reach their 5-year commitment goal.”

As of November 2019, CTA and its 59 member companies have committed to more than two million new opportunities, which equate to more than 14 percent of total pledges. Franklin Apprenticeships has pledged to train 2,500 technology workers. 

Are you an employer looking for inspiration and education about how to leverage apprenticeship as a workforce strategy in your company?  Click here to read the white paper, or contact us to learn more about how our digital apprenticeship programs are changing the American workforce.

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