Franklin Apprenticeships And State Of Missouri Announce Partnership

Franklin Apprenticeships And State Of Missouri Announce Partnership

In a recent press release from April 8, 2019, Franklin Apprenticeships announced a key partnership with the State of Missouri aimed at creating modernized apprenticeship programs in both the automotive and IT industries. This groundbreaking new program will solve skilled labor shortages, create new middle skills career pathways, and help communities in Missouri attract new talent.

The State of Missouri has been working diligently since 2016 to help its displaced workers, students and graduates find sustainable and successful careers. The new Missouri Digital and AutoMOtive! Programs will increase the skill and education levels of its residents while enhancing the states competitiveness in these industries.

Franklin Apprenticeships offers expertise and a proven model of apprenticeship development and were engaged to bring employers to the table to address the local economic needs of Missouri and to develop a skilled workforce. This expertise and collaboration with Missouri’s Department Of Workforce Development will help fill jobs that Missouri employers need to improve productivity and innovation and provide opportunities for Missouri citizens to learn in-demand skills and create new careers.

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