Kim Nichols Published In

Kim Nichols Published In

The US’ manufacturing industry is facing a talent crisis. There are key roles in the industry that need to be filled by skilled workers, and the country doesn’t have enough. In an article published in December 2017, Kim Nichols, CEO of Franklin Apprenticeships discusses the need enhance and modernize America’s apprenticeship programs.

According to a recent study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, it is estimated that there will be a significant shortage of skilled American workers between now and the year 2025. This shortage of some two million skilled employees equals a major crises for industry in the US.

Outside of America, other countries have successfully addressed skills gaps by implementing and organizing apprenticeship programs. Benefits of apprenticeships include generating interest in skilled labor jobs, creating a greater talent pool for manufacturing jobs, increased ROI on training and education programs, and more.

In this recent article, Kim Nichols details the top benefits of implementing modern apprenticeship programs, and discusses why it’s critical that America overhaul and implement a sustainable apprenticeship industry. Read the full article here.

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