Modern Apprenticeships: A Tip for Modern Manufacturers

Modern Apprenticeships: A Tip for Modern Manufacturers

Area Development Interviews Franklin Apprenticeships CEO about Modern Apprenticeships

In a recent article, Apprenticeships are a Win-Win for Industries and Workers, Area Development’s editor asked our CEO, Kim Nichols, questions regarding today’s perception of manufacturing. They also discussed the status of the adoption of modern apprenticeships for workforce development in the US.

This topic is one that keeps creeping into our conversations with US journalists. Thankfully, they are passionate about getting to the bottom of the “apprenticeship” thing.

The recent interview discusses the blurring lines between the public perception of white-collar and blue-collar professions. It outlines the skilled labor shortages in advanced manufacturing.  It also reviews European apprenticeship program structures and successes, and explores ways businesses, educators, and economic developers can work together to develop modern apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are not new to the US, but there is no question that modern apprenticeships represent a slowly progressing tipping point in the US.

According to Harvard Business Review’s article on tipping point leadership, tipping points “hinge on the insight that in any organization, once the beliefs and energies of a critical mass of people are engaged, conversion to a new idea will spread like an epidemic, bringing about fundamental change very quickly.”

So, what will it take for modern manufacturing leaders to make the fundamental shift in their organizational culture? How can they cross into the “new” apprenticeship threshold? A threshold that should tip and spread – such as it has in other countries?  According to Nichols, the first step involves collaboration, communication, and commitment.

We invite you to read the full article, here.

We also tip our hats to our friends in the media. Thank you for continuing to cover our quest for the fundamental change offered through modern apprenticeships.

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