New Company, Franklin Apprenticeships, Aims To Modernize American Apprenticeships

New Company, Franklin Apprenticeships, Aims To Modernize American Apprenticeships

May 31, 2017, Washington DC. –– In an announcement made today,  Franklin Apprenticeships, dedicated to modernizing and organizing an American apprenticeship industry, launches its innovative new company. Aimed at revitalizing an age-old practice to bring hope to America’s 21st century workforce issues, Franklin Apprenticeships wants to invigorate practical, real-life workforce training and development.

Originally announced at the Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum in Washington, DC in November 2016, the founders at Franklin Apprenticeships have been engaged in aggressively securing and supporting apprenticeship programs that are set to begin this year. These efforts aim to bridge the skills gaps between employees and employers, as well as workforce development entities that need to attract and retain young workers in their communities.

The first mover in the US marketplace dedicated to fast tracking and growing a new Apprenticeship Movement, the Franklin Apprenticeships consulting and capacity building services are focused on unlocking the potential for America to regain competitive edge in high growth industries. Learn more about Franklin Apprenticeships.

Read the full news release here.

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