Six Realities of Working in Auto Repair Today

Six Realities of Working in Auto Repair Today

Here you are, mid-career and searching for a new path forward. You want something competitive, a job that challenges you, one that allows you to use the skills you’ve worked hard to develop along with the opportunity to accelerate your earning potential.

 You’ve never really considered a job in the automotive industry, despite the fact that it’s rock-solid. And with rapid advances in technology, the call for qualified Automotive Service Technicians continues to grow, making it both an exciting and in-demand field. These compelling reasons are exactly why the Missouri Division of Workforce Development decided to partner with Franklin Apprenticeships to offer an innovative new program called AutoMOtive!, designed specifically for dislocated workers.

Unlike apprenticeship programs of the past, modern apprenticeships like those offered through AutoMOtive! allow you to earn a competitive wage while you learn the skills you need to succeed in your mid-career transition.

 So why the hesitation? Let’s take a look at some of the myths — and realities — surrounding today’s jobs in automotive service and repair.

 Myth: Auto repair is dirty.

Reality: As vehicles evolve, so do the ways in which they’re diagnosed and serviced.

 Today’s auto repair shop is far more likely to resemble a computer lab than the grimy, cluttered, greasy spaces of yesterday. Innovations in both systems and diagnostics make computers every bit as necessary as wrenches when it comes to vehicle service and repair. Think less “blue collar” and more “new collar” — a term coined by IBM CEO Ginny Rometty emphasizing skills over degrees — a brand new direction in which technology is playing an increasingly larger role.

Myth: Auto repair is a career path for men.

Reality: A growing emphasis on skill sets such as communications and problem solving are giving women equal access to a field previously monopolized by men.

Heavy machinery. Jobs and knowledge passed down from fathers to sons. These are just a couple of reasons the automotive field has been dominated by men for so long. But as the reliance on diagnostics shifts from hands-on to tech-driven, the need for savvy problem-solvers with great communication skills emerges, leveling the gender playing field and making a successful career as an Automotive Service Tech extremely attractive to women, too.

Myth: Auto repair jobs pay poorly.

Reality: Advances in auto design require new proficiencies in computer diagnostics, which means a significant increase in salary potential.

Do you know that the average salary for an Automotive Service Technician is $50,000? And that’s not even considering the potential to shine in a position that’s trending towards technology. Those willing to keep up with the latest features on vehicles designed for digitally-oriented consumers will be in high-demand, and their paychecks will reflect this trend.

Myth: Auto repair jobs aren’t in demand.

Reality: The need for Automotive Service Technicians is growing.

Not only is the automotive industry rock-solid, the need for Automotive Service Technicians is growing, with predictions averaging the need for 45,900 new technicians by 2026.

Myth: Auto repair jobs require trade school certifications.

Reality: You can learn on-the-job through a modernized apprenticeship program.

The streamlined nature of modern apprenticeships varies greatly from traditional models. An integrated learning system allows you to complete the program and to obtain an ASE Certification as a full-time employee. Not only is there no cost for the program, you begin earning a competitive wage from the day you start.

Myth: Auto repair jobs are only for new/young workers.

Reality: Specialized opportunities for dislocated workers are strategically designed to make the mid-career transition as quick and seamless as possible.

The AutoMOtive! program is designed to be completed in twelve months, making it an excellent, fast-paced option for a mid-career change. And the experience you gained from your previous career won’t go to waste! Well-developed communication skills, for instance, are highly sought after in a field that relies on building trust.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know the facts, click here to learn how you can begin your journey to becoming a certified Automotive Service Technician today!


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