Reinventing Yourself After Being Let Go: Five Reasons to Consider an Automotive Apprenticeship

Reinventing Yourself After Being Let Go: Five Reasons to Consider an Automotive Apprenticeship

You lost your job. Such a simple statement, yet it’s wholly incapable of capturing the overwhelming complexities you’re facing. There’s certainly the loss of income, but there’s also the loss of identity, and of the ability to define yourself based upon the career you’d hoped to have until you retired.


Grieving the loss of your job is normal — along with stress, anger, and depression that may follow. And while it’s understandable to feel any or all of these, it’s also a time to consider this less as a loss, and more as a transition. This is a setback, but it’s a temporary one, and accepting the fact that it’s time to consider another path is all part of the process.


You’re proud of what you achieved at your previous job, of what you learned, and who you helped. You don’t even want to consider going back to school and starting from scratch, or taking part in a training program that may or may not lead to a full-time position. Either option could also be accompanied by a hefty price tag or considerable debt.


But what if there was another way?


What if you could switch to a brand new career in a rock-solid industry, and you could do it while getting paid competitive wages from the day you begin?


It’s time to consider AutoMOtive!, a partnership between the Missouri Division of Workforce Development and Franklin Apprenticeships for dislocated workers that will put you on the fast track to becoming a certified Automotive Service Technician.


Forget what you think you know about apprenticeships. This innovative program offers a host of benefits that begin from the day you start, making it the perfect solution for a mid-career job change. Below are five of these benefits, which are also the reasons why you should consider an automotive apprenticeship: 


  1. Earn While You Learn: From the moment you begin, you’ll receive a competitive, full-time wage. You are a full-time employee, and your wages will increase upon successfully completing program milestones.


  1. Gain Industry-Recognized Credentials: Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) Certification. This competitive and highly-regarded certification provides tangible proof of your technical knowledge, is portable, and serves as a foundation upon which you can build.


  1. Grow In-Demand Skills: The automotive industry isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the role of Automotive Service Technician. In fact, as vehicles become more and more sophisticated there is an increasing call for highly trained and skilled professionals — by 2026, it’s estimated that the field will need 46,000 additional technicians.


  1. Accelerate Your Career: In a single year, you can become an ASE Certified Automotive Service Technician. AutoMOtive! provides you with hands-on training, classroom training, mentors, and the resources and support you need to successfully complete your apprenticeship and go on to thrive in a highly competitive industry.


  1. Remain Debt-Free: What does this cost? Nothing for those eligible for the AutoMOtive! program. All training and support costs are paid for by the employer under which you apprentice.


So what are you waiting for? Shift your search for a brand new career into high gear today. Learn more about AutoMOtive! and take your first step into a solid, steady, high-demand profession as an Automotive Service Technician!

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