Standards Recognition Entity

Leveraging our apprenticeship expertise nationwide as an agent of the Department of Labor

In addition to our work of Changing the American Workforce by training and placing apprentices with employers, Franklin Apprenticeships is now authorized by the United States Department of Labor (DOL) as a Standards Recognition Entity (SRE).

As an SRE, Franklin now works with organizations across industries to evaluate, certify, monitor and audit high-quality Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs). In short, we’re now authorized to empower other entities in facilitating more widespread growth of apprenticeships in technology, technology-adjacent and management and leadership occupations across the United States.

Franklin Apprenticeships is authorized to act on behalf of the DOL in the following ways:

  • Vetting, approving or rejecting proposals for IRAP recognition
  • Reviewing programs to validate that they meet high-quality IRAP standards, both at initial recognition and on an annual basis
  • Maintaining an ongoing quality-control relationship with recognized IRAPs, to include periodic compliance reviews and assessment of performance metrics
  • Developing policies and procedures that require IRAPs’ adherence to applicable Federal, state and local laws pertaining to EEO and reflect comprehensive outreach strategies to reach diverse populations

To learn more about establishing an IRAP for your organization or industry, contact Franklin Apprenticeships.