Success Story: How Can a Success Coach Help You Start a Tech Career?

Success Story: How Can a Success Coach Help You Start a Tech Career?

The background:

Anne R. was a member of the first cohort of pre-apprentices in the Franklin Apprenticeships/UMBC program in the spring of 2020. It would be safe to say that she felt a bit lost at first.

After a few training sessions with her classmates, she wrote to her mentor, a Franklin Success coach:

“… I feel like I’m really struggling with this class. I feel like every time I go into class, everyone is speaking a different language. It seems like everyone just has previous computer science education and maybe that’s my problem? I have no formal education … I really want to be successful here and I want to find a career in this field but I’m just really lost and I don’t know what exactly the problem is. Am I under qualified or am I just not getting things?”

The power of coaching:

Situations like this one are why every apprentice has a Franklin Personal Success Coach. This call for help was heard and answered by Kathy, Anne’s coach, who responded immediately, and this attentiveness led to an hour-long conversation. Kathy provided additional resources for Anne, as well as careful and regular follow-up. We are proud to report that Anne successfully completed the five-week program with the rest of her classmates. She also received additional support from Franklin’s Success Coaching and Recruiting teams to help with resume preparation, job interview skills, and sitting for the ITIL certification exam (which she passed). The Franklin support system helped Anne to see past her anxieties to unlock her true potential and find a new career path.


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