Our Team

Andy Smyth

Vice President of Policy, Products and Services

Best Career Advice Received:

Always have a plan and consider every situation to be an opportunity.

Andy has worked in apprenticeships for over 33 years and wholeheartedly believes in helping individuals reach their full potential. This focus on empowering participants has paved the way for him to deliver large-scale apprenticeship programs for global organizations.

His experience and knowledge have been recognized by several Apprenticeship Employer of the Year awards as well as a host of individual Industry and National prizes in the UK.

Make a difference every day.

Andy is excited about the opportunity for every Franklin Apprentice to learn, grow, and benefit from exceptional programs supported by teams that truly want each individual to succeed.

He is a Trustee of the City & Guild London Institute, a leading organization in Vocational learning and Skills Accreditation formed in 1879. He currently serves as the Chair of their Industry Skills Board which works directly with the UK Institute for Apprenticeships and the UK Treasury and Skills Funding Agencies.  Andy has a very strong relationship with Ofsted, the formal regulator of Education and Skills in England.

Andy enjoys spending time with family and friends, sports including squash, running, and skiing, and he loves traveling and visiting new places around the world.