The Future Workforce: Where Do Tech Apprenticeships Fit In?

The Future Workforce: Where Do Tech Apprenticeships Fit In?

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently completed its 2020 Future of Work: 2020 CTA Member Survey, a wide-ranging look at tech industry workplaces. The survey reflects the many changes to the work environment wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, but what’s really notable is how little the big picture – the hot-button issues for managers and employees – has changed.

For example, 75% or respondents say it’s difficult to find candidates with the right skills and abilities, and 80% say they’ll need more of those hard-to-find team members. Four out of five also say they’ll be conducting more interviews remotely.

That state of affairs is changing the picture somewhat, as almost three-quarters now say they’ll hire based on skill level, regardless of education level. In fact, 58% say their company does not require a college degree. Almost nine out of ten have at least one current or planned program to enhance diversity and inclusion at their organization, and 43% plan to devote resources to hiring more employees from underrepresented backgrounds.

In a work-from-home environment where many employees are juggling work and parenting, it’s no surprise that flexible work arrangements are considered (by 89% of respondents) to be the most important benefit for employee retention. Yet somehow only 40% of companies currently allow for designated telework days.

From our point of view, the story told by all that data is this: the current environment is custom-made for apprenticeship programs. Trouble finding good candidates? No degree necessary? Remote interviews and training? A more diverse workforce?

Apprenticeships check all those boxes and many more, and 24% of respondents said they plan to use more train-to-hire programs such as apprenticeships. We expect this figure to only grow to meet the trends mentioned here.

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See the full CTA Future of Work report here, and if you’re having the same challenges in filling your empty seats with qualified personnel, contact Franklin Apprenticeships today.


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